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Corporate name

NORIO SUGIURA Photography Studio Corp.


16 Araki-cho Shinzyuku-ku Tokyo


Norio Sugiura

Date of founding

December 7th , 1990


  • Editing, producing and publishing for magazines, books and videotapes.
  • Online communication service
  • Leasing studio
  • Any other Services incidental to above operations.

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Representative Norio Sugiura

Date of Birth / April 9th, 1942
Until 18th years old, Sugiura lived in Nagoya.
He dropped out from design school as he found little to gain.
He had experienced working as construction coordinator for TV Puppet show.
In early 70's he had worked for strip show as lighting technician / program director at ASAKUSA Eastern Theater.


Back in those days, strip show industry had already on a decline as most of famous dancer was retired.
At the same time, blue film was coming to the forefront of adult industry.
Around 1978 when blue film was rage of the time,
He was introduced to Dan Oniroku from Tako Hachiro, to become his director assistant.
At the time, Dan was producing blue theatrical performance held in between interlude of blue film.
The performance was consisted of 10 local theatrical group,
including actress Beni Machiko and theatrical leader Tako Hachiro.


Later Dan's production has published "SM-King" and participated actively as magazine editor.
As Sugiura managed photo shooting procedure, he naturally learned how to handle the camera.
He had experienced 3 to 4 years in SM film making production,
later he got established as freelance photographer.
He work mainly with SM magazine "SM select" and "SM fan", most popular SM magazine at that time.
By the end of 80's, he has already taken charge of front cover photography of
"SM mania" and "SM secret novel" magazines.


It was the most glory period of SM magazine, many SM masters like Dan Oniroku,
Chigusa Tadao, Mino Muramitsu, and Tuzimura Takashi has actively participated.
Later, Sugiura participated in Miwa Publishing house,
and continued to produced front cover photography of SM and Maniac magazine until today.
This site archives photography works from his entire career,
and plan to corroborates essays about models and writers upon visitor's request.


KINBAKUSAJIKI is special box seat to see the Japanese rope Bondage photos.
Like a special seat for Opera theater.

KINBAKU is Japanese rope bondage.
SAJIKI is a special box seat.